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Human activities have contributed to a temperature rise of more than 1°C in the Earth’s climate since the late 1800s. The effects on our climate, as elucidated by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) data in 2021, are without precedent. The global climate is currently undergoing widespread transformations, and its fluctuations are expected to be notably dynamic in the near future. Several studies dedicated to addressing climate change-related issues have unequivocally affirmed that the warming of the climate system is undeniable. The direct consequences of climate-related risks have the capacity to impose considerable financial challenges on companies spanning diverse industries.

The 2nd Asia Sustainability and ESG Summit, scheduled for December 5 (Thu) – 6(Fri), 2024, in Bali, Indonesia, is poised to be a pivotal event shaping the future of sustainable leadership in the region. Against the backdrop of Bali’s serene landscapes, this summit will convene global leaders, experts, and practitioners to explore emerging trends and best practices in Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles. With the theme of “Sustainable Future Leadership” the summit aims to foster collaboration among diverse stakeholders, empowering them to navigate the complex challenges posed by climate change and social inequities. Through interactive discussions, workshops, and keynote presentations, participants will gain valuable insights into climate resilience, sustainable finance, corporate social responsibility, and other critical topics. This event serves as a platform for dialogue and knowledge exchange, offering attendees the opportunity to forge partnerships and drive meaningful change towards a more sustainable and inclusive future. We invite leaders and professionals from across Asia and beyond to join us in Bali as we collectively strive to build a brighter, more sustainable tomorrow.

– Professor Iman Harymawan